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How to apply for mortgages for self-promotion?

A personalized house, fully adapted to our tastes, to our lifestyle, to our needs …. seems like a dream and a dream quite expensive to afford, right? Well, now it is not so much, at least not if you apply for a mortgage for self-promotion , a financial product unknown to many and which aims to finance the construction of your home.What are mortgages for self-promotion

This is a loan, also known as a “self-propelled mortgage loan” that aims to finance the construction of a property to a “developer” who in this case would be the client.

How does it work

How does it work

Unlike when buying a home is financed, self-promotion mortgages are the most personalized. The bank finances the capital based on the future valuation of the finished house.

The mortgage for self-promotion is as long as it takes years to finish our home, the bank is unlocking money as you build and certify the work. Once completed, the contracting of a conventional will be agreed with the banking entity.

General conditions

Being such a personalized service, the conditions that banks require in order to request it are quite general:

  • You need to own the land where you are going to build

  • Have a building permit approved by the city council

  • The works project must be supervised by the College of Architects


  • The most obvious is that you can design and adapt your future home to what you really need and want.

  • The entities usually grant a period of lack, especially at the beginning of construction, when there are higher expenses.

  • It represents a cost saving, 30% of the total cost of buying a home corresponds to the developer


  • The costs associated with the project and the license fee are the responsibility of the client.

  • There is not much offer and banks do not usually advertise this type of services.

Where to request it

Where to request it

Self- promotion mortgages are often not advertised on the banks’ website, since it is something very personalized depending on each client. We show you a list of banks with which you can request it:

  • Good Credit: Provides capital for 3 years, which is unlocked as we present the work certifications. During that period, interest is paid at a fixed rate and only for the amount granted. The total amount granted does not exceed 80% of the investment.

  • Good Finance: It does not offer it as such, but it adapts the conditions of some of its services if you are a client closely linked to the entity. It has a maximum term of 30 years and they finance up to 80% of the value of the appraisal

  • Fine Bank: You can apply with your flexible mortgage loan, the conditions are a maximum term of 30 years and financing up to 80% of the appraisal

  • Cream Bank: They have no specific product for this service, but they offer the possibility of doing a study.

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