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Home loan with an overdraft

Find out how to obtain a mortgage with an authorized or unauthorized overdraft, a solution to obtain financing, and become a homeowner.

A mortgage loan application implies showing your white paw to the bank and presenting a model borrower profile, that is to say without the presence of rejections or late payments. Obviously, the presence of an overdraft will alert the banker and give him a bad appreciation of the file but that does not mean that all is lost.


Obtain a mortgage while having an overdraft on his account banking

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First, the banker is human, he can understand when he has explained the reasons for the discovery that it is punctual, linked to totally unforeseen expenditure, or to an involuntary event that led to draw on the overdraft and produce statements of accounts negative. Ideally, it is preferable to wait for a recovery of the situation before filing a mortgage loan application, otherwise, it will be necessary to wait several months for the accounts to be cleaned up to validate the financing file.


Bank overdraft and mortgage: how to proceed?

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Two solutions are possible for the borrower, either he waits before establishing his mortgage request that the overdraft is written off and in this case, it will be necessary to wait at least 3 months before making a request to a bank. The bank will systematically request the last three account statements and you must present three bank statements without an overdraft, it is much better to more easily validate the file.

Either the borrower has already made his request and the banker is aware of the overdraft, it is, therefore, necessary to explain the reasons for this overdraft and wait three months for the file to be cleaned up, it is possible that some banks grant the mortgage, on the simple explanations from the borrower. Always keep in mind that the financial advisor has a human approach to each file, it is enough to explain the situation and above all to demonstrate that this discovery is occasional to be enough to convince him, which does not always allow a computerized request. 


Simulate your mortgage with or without overdraft

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Whether you have discovered that you had one before, it is entirely possible to carry out a mortgage simulation online, this allows you to quickly obtain a feasibility opinion and to start negotiations with the various establishments which will offer you a loan offer. It is only when the overdraft is settled that the financing request can be granted, with the prospect of having negotiated the best rates in force. It is common for good mortgage loan files to have had an overdraft recently, especially when you know that 1 in 4 French people ends the month uncovered, so this is not an isolated case and not necessarily a reason for the refusal. for real estate financing. There is no cost to simulate a loan online, especially when this service is free and without obligation.

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